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You are at the first stage to demonstrating reasonable adjustment. Subscribing to AAAtraq is easy. Simply click on the subscribe button to begin your journey to compliance.

Many organizations believe they are compliant, but are operating under a false sense of security. This is diluting brand value and exposing organizations to unnecessary and repeated litigation.

Annual litigation costs are estimated to exceed $1bn. With 94% of websites currently non-compliant, the need for a new approach is clear.

AAAtraq is a Client Identification Management System that takes a strategic approach to compliance, allowing subscribers to demonstrate ongoing reasonable adjustment over the long term. This avoids the usual practice of randomly targeting problems as they arise, which can be expensive and plagued by human limitations.

Subscribe today and receive:

  • a guided pathway to compliance with personalized timescales and milestones
  • notification and oversight functionality of each subscriber’s digital supply chain
  • personalized training support for staff involved in content management
  • automated compliance reporting functionality
  • litigation support and complementary fee protection insurance
  • the AAAtraq site shield

AAAtraq automates the four cornerstones to compliance; Staff Development, Supplier Management, Compliance Reporting and Litigation Insurance. This allows subscribers to manage ongoing compliance faster and at lower cost, whilst benefitting from added legal protection that increases inline with adherence to compliance regulations.

Digital supply chain oversight
Personalized compliance training
Compliance reporting
Litigation support and fee insurance

The AAAtraq process for organizations:


Become aware of the issue and AAAtraq’s solution via their broker, insurer or through press, social and other communication channels.


Request a risk profile to understand the level of risk their organization faces.


Subscribe to the service and take the path towards compliance, whilst enjoying the protection of complementary litigation insurance.

71% of website owners believe their websites are compliant

94% of websites are non-compliant


Download our Service Introduction to see how AAAtraq can help you demonstrate reasonable adjustment and support your journey to compliance.