Getting started

A confused market, endless promises – litigation offering a gravy train for lawyers.Against this is a set of requirements that lack definition, lack a clear starting point,or manageble set of metrics to operate against.

The risks of digital accessibility non-compliance has become a reality in the US, yet organizations continue to struggle meeting their legal obligations and are easy targets for aggressive lawyers

What is AAAtraq?

AAAtraq is a Compliance Identification and Management Service (CIMS) for organizations if offers principle driven automation that initially identifies risk level and then provides a clear pathway to accessibility compliance and litigation risk mitigation.

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Guided compliance program
Supplier notification and management
AI-driven understanding and training support
Accessibility policy management, Regulator (DoJ) reporting
Internal benchmarking, progress reporting

The CIMS offered by AAAtraq overseas and simplies compliance, delivering a managed process to an organization’s staff and suppliers.

Our website shows clients’ commitment to working towards compliance and wards off unwanted aggression – our insurance coverage offers further protection.

AAAtraq a technology driven approach.

The AAAtraq process for organizations:


Become aware of the issue and AAAtraq’s solution via their broker, insurer or through press, social and other communication channels.


Request a risk profile to understand the level of risk their
organizations faces.


Subscribe to the service and take the path towards compliance.

94% of websites
are non-compliant.

100 x Faster

Take away the hassle with a simple and effective service.

100 x Cheaper

Significant savings compared to the current approach.

Managing digital accessibility presents 4 key challenges to your business through: time, cost, accuracy and suppliers upholding their promises.


Supplier promises




Download our Service Introduction to see how AAAtraq can help you demonstrate reasonable adjustment and support your journey to compliance.