As much of AAAtraq’s service relates to helping organizations avoid, or in the worst case prepare for litigation, it is inevitable that AAAtraq is actively seeking to partner with law firms.

AAAtraq is forming a panel of three member law firms to advise and defend AAAtraq’s subscribed clients, which provides the potential to generate fee income from litigation cases brought against them. Legal firms wishing to apply for panel membership can do so by clicking the button.

Additionally AAAtraq believes that its service can be used as a low cost marketing tool to support Business Development. This could be on a stand-alone basis or as a key component of a wider risk management service.

Digital activity continues to grow as websites become an integral component of organizations’ ability to perform. Most organisations wait for problems to happen before taking remedial action. By using AAAtraq, law firms would be taking a pro-active role, reducing clients’ risk profiles and at the same time offering a level of protection against litigation costs.