Associations (Member Bodies)

Associations (Member Bodies) can remove a growing risk for members at a discounted price, whilst generating additional revenues for the association.

What is in it for you?

  • Working with AAAtraq provides an opportunity to strengthen the association's position with members by demonstrating market innovation and vision - and a continuous commitment to supporting and protection members.
  • It also provides the association with an opportunity to generate significant additional revenue through our generous revenue share model.
  • Public INDEX reports (showing ADA website risk across the sector) raises the association's profile and can be used to attract new members.
  • It is also demonstrates the association's commitment to its Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) pledge.

What you get?

AAAtraq Portal

Your own dedicated AAAtraq portal to sign-up members, track subscriptions and revenues.

Public INDEX

A public INDEX shows that the association is at the forefront of cutting-edge issues and helps to attract new members.

Private INDEX

A private INDEX provides insight into members progress and risk status at a glance.

Member Events

Webinars and workshops to educate members, alert them to the exponentially growing risk and support them in making their websites more inclusive.

Website Support

Support to make your own website more inclusive – demonstrating commitment to the firm’s D&I pledge.

What is involved, what do you have to do?

What is involved, what do you have to do? The Collaboration Agreement (which we prepare) outlines the association's responsibilities. Activities, include promotion and distribution of press releases, public INDEX reports, webinar events and AAAtraq services.

Minimal effort is required by the association in the production of materials and content which will be produced by AAAtraq for approval by the association. The association's main responsibility is the distribution and marketing of such materials, e.g., through press, social media, email blasts etc.

How much?

There is no up-front investment required from the association, any additional services required are paid for from the revenue share of services purchased by members.

What is the value to your members?

  • With an average claim now costing $27,000, the AAAtraq Continuous PROTECTION service represents outstanding value at $99/month (before member discount applied).
  • AAAtraq Continuous PROTECTION service also uses Intelligent Automation to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of working towards compliance.
  • The distraction of receiving a demand or a claim can be the most costly of all - trying to find the legal support and technical expertise to help members interpret and assess the merits of the claim. AAAtraq provides complete peace of mind with our claims management system. We take the claim over - holding your member's hand throughout the process with legal and accessibility subject matter experts on hand to do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Vendor contractual templates are included - valued at a minimum $5,000.

The challenges your members face

Your members are at risk:

  • Risk of litigation
  • Risk of brand / reputational damage
  • Risk of spiralling costs - spend on compliance initiatives

Removing Risks

To remove the risk, members need to protect themselves with ADA Insurance; however diligent, things will and do go wrong. They need ADA monitoring, which is easily understandable by all, and alerts them to vulnerabilities. Finally, ADA compliance, a step-by-step plan to take control of the compliance process.

How does AAAtraq remove the risks?

  • Costs coverage litigation insurance
  • Immediately understandable, non-technical monitoring and alerting
  • A holistic, proportional approach to ADA compliance, utilizing Intelligent automation to significantly reduce costs

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