Strategic approach to accessibility

The four cornerstones of any CIMS (Compliance Identification and Management Service), and AAAtraq, enable organizations to demonstrate reasonable adjustment and limit discrimination risks.

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Personalized compliance training

To achieve compliance, staff need to better understand what to do, when and how to do it, and be accountable for their actions.

Through training, individuals develop a higher degree of competence and knowledge, leading to greater confidence and continual improvements within the organisation.

AAAtraq intelligently delivers training materials appropriate to individual needs. A measurable plan ensures the support provided is utilised, underpinning an organization’s ability to demonstrate reasonable adjustment.

Digital supply chain oversight

Organizations can mitigate risk from their digital supply chain by ensuring suppliers are in line with accessibility commitments.

Continuous monitoring means suppliers understand an organization’s commitment not to discriminate online.

AAAtraq automates digital supply chain accountability, creating a consistent approach to policy management. Suppliers are formerly notified of their responsibilities through the issuance of compliance policies and response tracking. AAAtraq builds certainty, in less time and at reduced cost.

Compliance reporting

By understanding their level of compliance and reporting against key metrics, organizations continually know where they are and what level of risk they face.

With objective, automated and understandable reporting, management teams can be confident that matters are in hand and risks mitigated.

AAAtraq automates the reporting of progress against online (including WCAG) standards, staff training, supplier adherence and compliance milestones. This insight enables organizations to monitor progress and understand their current level of risk.

Litigation support and fee insurance

Accessibility-related litigation is rife and existing insurance fails to address this risk sufficiently.

Risk can be reduced with specialist insurance and fast access to specialist legal support.

An AAAtraq subscription comes with insurance provided by a global insurance carrier and underwritten at Lloyd’s of London as standard. Clients benefit from up to US$50,000 of cover and access to a leading panel of law firms, adding protection where existing policies fall short.