Your RISK PROFILE shows:

  • your current accessibility non-compliance risk

  • the criteria used for assessing your risk

  • the time it takes to become compliant

  • how to demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards compliance

  • the next stage in your journey

The risks of digital accessibility non-compliance have become a reality in the US, yet organizations continue to struggle meeting their legal obligations and are easy targets for aggressive lawyers.

AAAtraq is a Compliance Identification and Management Service (CIMS) for organizations that initially identifies risk level and then provides a clear pathway to accessibility compliance and litigation risk mitigation.

Our unique star process awards your achievements supports your journey to compliance with our website shield visually demonstrating your commitment to ensure access for all. A demonstrable process, measured improvement and up to $50,000 of litigation insurance helps to minimise risk.

Site shield

Guided compliance program

Supplier notification and management

AI driven understanding and training support

Accessibility policy management, Regulator (DoJ) reporting

Internal benchmarking,
progress reporting


Download our Service Introduction to see how AAAtraq can help you demonstrate reasonable adjustment and support your journey to compliance.