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A strategic approach

There are legal and moral reasons not to discriminate online and present practices are not fit for purpose. The majority of organisations currently fail, leading to repeated litigation and damage to brand reputation.

Ongoing compliance is achieved by adopting a strategic approach. AAAtraq’s intelligent automation simplifies understanding, mapping out the pathway to compliance, and replacing uncertainty with control.

AAAtraq automates the four cornerstones to compliance; Staff Development, Supplier Management, Compliance Reporting and Litigation Insurance. The service instils confidence to manage ongoing compliance faster and at lower cost.

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70% of ADA compliance is understanding the journey – AAAtraq replaces uncertainty with confidence.

Subscribe today for immediate insurance coverage against litigation. Improve the management of your Digital Supply Chain, automate the training of your staff – and you can ensure you are demonstrating reasonable adjustment.

Insured control

Dedicated litigation is provided by BRIT, administered by Gallagher and underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

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Download the white paper from one of our founding legal partners Wilson Elser: COVID19 and online growth moves ADA compliance to the forefront.

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