Your RISK PROFILE shows:

  • your current accessibility non-compliance risk

  • the criteria used for assessing your risk

  • the time it takes to become compliant

  • how to demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards compliance

  • the next stage in your journey

AAAtraq enables businesses and organisations to take a strategic approach to digital accessibility.

Our automated service identifies accessibility risk and provides a step-by-step management plan, allowing clients to demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards compliance.

The cornerstone of AAAtraq is a unique focus on four key areas:

AAAtraq sits above existing tactical accessibility consultancy and testing software.

Most companies take a tactical approach to accessibility compliance by only addressing WCAG 2.1 check-points. But check-points met one day could be broken the next by new site updates by employees or external suppliers, creating new compliance gaps and leaving clients exposed to litigation.

AAAtraq’s strategic approach continually monitors sites for failures and integrates accessibility within an organisation’s operation. This allows site owners to continually demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards accessibility compliance and reduce legal exposures.

Site shield

Guided compliance program

Supplier notification and management

AI driven understanding and training support

Accessibility policy management, Regulator (DoJ) reporting

Internal benchmarking,
progress reporting


Download our Service Introduction to see how AAAtraq can help you demonstrate reasonable adjustment and support your journey to compliance.