Costs Indemnity

Whilst on your journey to compliance, you can be reassured with the added protection against litigation of AAAtraq’s complementary costs indemnity.

Standard business insurance will often include an intentional or knowing violation exclusion disclaiming coverage for known violation of a statute. An AAAtraq subscription specifically amends this exclusion to affirm coverage.

For customers in USA as an additional benefit and included with your subscription is litigation costs indemnity (expected to expand globally in the future), AAAtraq has partnered with Brit and Gallagher to design a unique policy — exclusive to AAAtraq customers.

The policy limits are up to US$50,000 and the cover includes legal costs. At AAAtraq, we are so confident of our services that we cover the premium cost for subscribers. The greater your improvement, the greater the coverage.

We have designed a Claims Management System which is delivered through our secure dashboard. Users just submit the details of a claim and our system does the rest.

Insurance provider
Broker partners & administration
The step-by-step process required to deal with a claim, accessed via your secure dashboard.
Add details of the claim you’ve received via the CMS, uploading any supporting documents. All information is held in one place.
On your behalf the CMS keeps you up to date with the process and details of actions.