isn't an option

ADA compliance isn't a matter of choice - it's the law. ADA risk (litigation, unnecessary spend and reputational damage) is growing exponentially. Insureds have a coverage gap and an unnecessary exposure - if organizations want to be online, ADA risk has to be removed.


Demands alone costing $8.31bn/annum - with 216% year on year increase in claims.


Billions-of-dollars being wasted on reactive, ineffective compliance initatives.

Reputation damage

Face a sociatal backlash if not true to your diversity inclusion and equity pledge.

The necessary risks you take


demands are being issued presently per week.

Demands a great earner, takes 1 minute to find ADA failures in any websiste - and 30 minutes to issue. No one can afford to fight it. Far to many organizations' strategy for dealing with risk management is to react when a demand arrives.


Not the one most think of or even consider a 'risk' - 2 things grown exponentially in the past 4 years, litigation and spend. Clearly something is wrong - if right now on 94% of websites it takes 1 minute to identify vunerabilities.

Stop spending budget on reacting to technical diagnostics until you have independent monitoring anyone can immediately understand.

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