Accessibility news, ADA title III updates

The future of cyber liability?

15 Sep 2020

Post Covid-19, reliance on online shaping the future of cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability cover has developed as the fight against digital crime has evolved. However, Covid-19 has added a further dimension to the online picture. Remote working and the heightened is reliance on the internet has placed additional pressures on organisations to comply with laws governing digital content of all types. These new risks have increased and organisations now need to consider a more holistic form of cyber insurance cover, one that can cover the breath of 'content failure'

Complacency = litigation exposure

12 Aug 2020

With recent reports showing over 90% of websites fail accessibility compliance, online discrimination to a greater or lesser extent is still widespread. Perhaps of even greater concern is 71% of digital teams believing the matter is in hand. This complacency along with an adhoc approach is costing millions of dollars, failing to address the root cause of the issue and leaving far too many exposed to expensive litigation.

Wilson Elser Partnership

30 Jul 2020

Wilson Elser Named First Law Firm on ADA Website Compliance Legal Panel, 30 Years After ADA's Passage Focus is now on Web Barriers for Disabled

AAAtraq sponsors Team BRIT

13 Jun 2020

An innovative digital accessibility compliance insuretch company, launched in 2019, has become the latest organisation to pledge support for Team BRIT.

Dangers of the Ad hoc approach.

10 Apr 2020

Website owners will continue fail to meet the digital accessibility regulations unless there is a change from the present Ad hoc approach to compliance. Online discrimination continues to leave organizations exposed to in a number of cases, repeated litigation risk.

Covid-19 highlights accessibility importance

28 Mar 2020

Digital accessibility more important than ever as there we see an significant increase and a reliance on the internet, especially those less able following Covid-19.

Importance of digital accessibility

17 Mar 2020

Digital accessibility technology company, AAAtraq (, sees the reliance on the internet growing significantly, with recent events putting considerable focus into transacting online, meaning meeting digital accessibility guidelines will be more important than ever for US organisations.

InsureTech solution launched

24 Jan 2020

A new InsurTech solution has been launched to help organizations demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards digital accessibility compliance, and ward off the threat of increasingly prevalent legal action in the USA. AAAtraq ( is an automated compliance identification management system that allows organizations to understand their existing level of accessibility non-compliance risk exposure, and then work towards full compliance through a managed process.

Domino’s – a slice of stupidity

20 Dec 2019

The ongoing accessibility case involving Domino’s that has been dragged through the US lawcourts is almost a textbook example of how to damage your reputation and brand. The Domino’s brand is now tainted as a large corporation who doesn’t care about disabilities; we certainly don’t envy the task ahead for the Domino’s PR department.

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