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Terms In Website Access Class Suit Preliminarily Approved

21 Oct 2021

New Settlement Terms In Website Access Class Suit Preliminarily Approved

(October 13, 2021, 10:40 AM EDT) -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal judge in California on Sept. 30 granted preliminary approval of new settlement terms that will provide $112,500 in addition to injunctive relief in a class suit accusing a juice company of failing to offer a website accessible to those with visual impairments.

Round up for October, who has been covering online inclusivity?

19 Oct 2021

More articles focusing on digital inclusion have been in the media over the last month. We’ve seen a lot about technologies being rolled out by organizations to improve inclusion as well as the ongoing topic of overlays.

ADA Class Action Settlement Approved

08 Oct 2021

U.S. Magistrate Judge Richard Lanzillo of the Western District of Pennsylvania granted lead plaintiff Anthony Murphy's unopposed motion to certify class for settlement purposes and for preliminary approval of class action settlement.

What is an Accessibility / ADA Demand Letter?

22 Sep 2021

You received an accessibility demand letter in the mail. Now what?! Unfortunately, many businesses learn that their website or building is not accessible because they receive a demand letter in the mail.

Round up for September, who has been covering online inclusivity?

14 Sep 2021

It’s been another big month for digital inclusion in the news. We’ve not seen so much about the increase in cases over the last month, but articles have highlighted new sectors being targeted by lawsuits, as well as many other interesting topics.

Web Accessibility Insurance: The Next Frontier

06 Sep 2021

For those that have heard of the stark increase in website accessibility lawsuits in the past few years, there has been a growing need for protection against these types of demand letters. There wasn’t a way to address it, until now. A new category has emerged: web accessibility insurance.

Citizens Asked for Feedback on Accessibility in their City – with a Non-Compliant Form

31 Aug 2021

Like many states and cities across the US, the city of Vancouver in Washington, is evaluating the accessibility of facilities across the city. This includes the city’s buildings, parks and trails, streets, jobs, programs, services and activities.

YouTube makes creating ADA compliant video content easier

24 Aug 2021

In today’s digital first world, video content has become increasingly popular for marketing and communication purposes, and is an easy way to convey information.

Round up for August, who has been covering online inclusivity?

17 Aug 2021

Digital inclusion and website accessibility have continued to make headlines over the last month. News pieces have kept the same theme about increasing numbers of lawsuits, but have we also seen the first headlines of the next big ADA case?

Winn-Dixie: Will They Still Be The Winners?

10 Aug 2021

The Gil v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. case has continued to make headlines in recent months with Gil filing in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, a petition for a rehearing en banc after the case had recently been focusing on whether Winn-Dixie’s website is a place of public accommodation covered by the ADA.

AAAtraq invited working lunch with the CLM (Claims and Litigation Management)

30 Jul 2021

AAAtraq was delighted to join this month's working lunch with CLM (Claims and Litigation Management). The virtual meeting event is open to CLM members, including risk managers, claims adjusters, defense lawyers, EPL brokers, and carriers.

Round up for July, who has been covering online inclusivity?

15 Jul 2021

With the frequency of ADA website accessibility lawsuits increasing, we’re regularly seeing new articles in the media around this topic.

AAAtraq’s CEO discusses ADA compliance, lawsuits and the AAAtraq service

12 Jun 2021

AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw, spoke to Lee Boyd on the FNO: InsureTech Podcast to talk all about AAAtraq, our service, ADA litigations cases and much more.

Winn-Dixie or Lose Dixie?

26 May 2021

The judgment in the Winn-Dixie case has finally been revealed: those hoping to see legal clarity, and the establishment and big business that support those with disabilities, will be less than satisfied. But who is the real loser and what will the medium to long-term effect be on how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upholds the rights of the disabled to freely access digital content? Detailed review and article available, PDF (opens in a new window)

AAAtraq wins InsurTech award

12 May 2021

AAAtraq has been awarded the 2021 award for InsurTech innovation by business publication, Acquisition International.

Nebula and AAAtraq partner on ADA remediation

05 May 2021

Website accessibility company Nebula Media Group (opens in a new window) has partnered with AAAtraq to provide SMEs and smaller government entities with a fixed-price service that will ensure their online content remains accessible for the long term. AAAtraq’s ADA compliance service will be at the heart of Nebula Media Group’s solution.

TCN profiles AAAtraq

23 Apr 2021

AAAtraq CEO Lawrence Shaw has been the subject of a wide-ranging interview published in specialist magazine Tech Company News.

AAAtraq <> AbleDocs partner to improve document accessibility

10 Apr 2021

InsurTech company, AAAtraq ( (opens in a new window), has teamed up with AbleDocs ( (opens in a new window), enabling subscribers to more easily publish accessible documents on their websites.

Content failure as an Emerging Risk

01 Apr 2021

We were delighted to see respected insurance publication Emerging Risks (opens in a new window) publish an opinion piece from AAAtraq on website content failure, and how this is rapidly becoming a corporate risk of note in the US.

NASDAQ - false sense of security?

26 Mar 2021

Research suggests there may be a false sense of security amongst NASDAQ companies over ADA compliance - almost all of the biggest tech companies in the USA are failing to meet the necessary standards to ensure their websites meet ADA compliance regulations.

Qtr. 1 / 2021 ADA audit of Californian schools

18 Mar 2021

[Mar 24th 2021 | London] InsuTech company, AAAtraq (, has completed its latest audit of how California schools are complying with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), with the results showing that the majority, despite efforts are falling short of their obligations and perhaps unwittily, being discriminatory.

Microassist Announces Partnership with AAAtraq

23 Feb 2021

Microassist Inc, a leading provider of digital accessibility and usability solutions,has announced it has partnered with AAAtraq. The partnership means that procurement customers will more easily be able to embed ADA compliance measures within their processes.

FAIRA Board approves AAAtraq services

10 Feb 2021

The Fire Agencies Insurance Risks Authority (FAIRA) in California and Nevada is enhancing support for its members by joining forces with AAAtraq a service that helps subscribers to reduce the costs and time to understand, achieve and maintain ADA compliance.

CAL-ISBOA, ADA Compliance for schools seminar

26 Jan 2021

Hosted by CAL-ISBOA, the event will be run by national law firm Wilson Elser, who leads a legal panel created by AAAtraq, leaders in compliance identification and management services (CIMS).

CEOs Must Be Mindful of Web Accessibility

22 Jan 2021

'analysis of 10,000,000 websites revealed that 98 percent of websites failed WCAG compliance standards' Are executives being told 'what they want to hear' with those reporting, setting the metrics?

Advantage Microsystems and AAAtraq seal partnership

07 Jan 2021

AAAtraq has entered a strategic partnership with Advantage Microsystems (, a leading provider of IT services to SMEs and non-profit organizations, to help clients reduce their cyber risk.

Accessibility Roundup - Dec 09 / 2020

09 Dec 2020

Summary of a few articles we have seen over the last week. Extracts with links to the full piece.

AAAtraq recognised as a top 25 InsurTech Innovator

26 Nov 2020

AAAtraq, has been named as a top 25 InsurTech Innovator for 2020 The distinguished hall of fame is researched and created by the US magazine Technology Innovators and comprises the sectors most prestigious leaders.

Gallagher, partnership ensures ADA COMPLIANCE. FOR GOOD™

25 Nov 2020

Gallagher launches partnership with AAAtraq for ADA risk mitigation solution.

Gallagher, the world’s largest independent insurance broker, has partnered with InsurTech provider AAAtraq to support the education sector in reducing risk from legal aggression in relation to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

Procurement needs to embrace accessibility

17 Nov 2020

From sourcing through to monitoring, digital accessibility is a potential factor, so it is critical that the procurement team not only have a thorough understanding of accessibility but also carry out the necessary actions.

ADA compliance: taking that first step

12 Nov 2020

The first step to ensure ‘online’ ADA compliance is often the hardest. But once taken, the process of demonstrating reasonable adjustment and reducing risk for your organization from potential litigation has already begun.

ADA Compliance Violations Across Presidential Websites

06 Nov 2020

Ablr’s 2020 Presidential Website Accessibility & ADA Compliance Report Identifies Multiple Violations on Presidential Campaign Websites for Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. An estimated 26 percent of American voters, have a disability and may not have equal access and opportunity to browse campaign websites.

Effective digital policing – FORBES article

29 Oct 2020

Effective digital policing needs to be the new norm for web accessibility – FORBES article We were delighted to see our CEO, Lawrence Shaw, feature heavily in an insightful Forbes article about the new Online Accessibility Act and how this is falling short of its original intentions.

First Insurance pool to mandate AAAtraq.

30 Sep 2020

ICRMA insurance pool partners with AAAtraq to protect members and improve ADA compliance.

Free webinar series with Gallagher

21 Sep 2020

ADA Compliance Increase Your Compliance Awareness Around ADA Website Laws & Regulations.

The future of cyber liability?

15 Sep 2020

Post Covid-19, reliance on online shaping the future of cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability cover has developed as the fight against digital crime has evolved. However, Covid-19 has added a further dimension to the online picture. Remote working and the heightened is reliance on the internet has placed additional pressures on organisations to comply with laws governing digital content of all types. These new risks have increased and organisations now need to consider a more holistic form of cyber insurance cover, one that can cover the breath of 'content failure'

White Paper on ADA Website Compliance

25 Aug 2020

COVID-19 Moves ADA Compliance for Websites to the Forefront


Authors: Adam R. Bialek, Kara Thorvaldsen

Complacency = litigation exposure

12 Aug 2020

With recent reports showing over 90% of websites fail accessibility compliance, online discrimination to a greater or lesser extent is still widespread. Perhaps of even greater concern is 71% of digital teams believing the matter is in hand. This complacency along with an adhoc approach is costing millions of dollars, failing to address the root cause of the issue and leaving far too many exposed to expensive litigation.

Wilson Elser Partnership

30 Jul 2020

Wilson Elser Named First Law Firm on ADA Website Compliance Legal Panel, 30 Years After ADA's Passage Focus is now on Web Barriers for Disabled

AAAtraq sponsors Team BRIT

13 Jun 2020

An innovative digital accessibility compliance insuretch company, launched in 2019, has become the latest organisation to pledge support for Team BRIT.

Dangers of the Ad hoc approach.

10 Apr 2020

Website owners will continue fail to meet the digital accessibility regulations unless there is a change from the present Ad hoc approach to compliance. Online discrimination continues to leave organizations exposed to in a number of cases, repeated litigation risk.

Covid-19 highlights accessibility importance

28 Mar 2020

Digital accessibility more important than ever as there we see an significant increase and a reliance on the internet, especially those less able following Covid-19.

Importance of digital accessibility

17 Mar 2020

Digital accessibility technology company, AAAtraq (, sees the reliance on the internet growing significantly, with recent events putting considerable focus into transacting online, meaning meeting digital accessibility guidelines will be more important than ever for US organisations.

InsureTech solution launched

24 Jan 2020

A new InsurTech solution has been launched to help organizations demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards digital accessibility compliance, and ward off the threat of increasingly prevalent legal action in the USA. AAAtraq ( is an automated compliance identification management system that allows organizations to understand their existing level of accessibility non-compliance risk exposure, and then work towards full compliance through a managed process.

Domino’s – a slice of stupidity

20 Dec 2019

The ongoing accessibility case involving Domino’s that has been dragged through the US lawcourts is almost a textbook example of how to damage your reputation and brand. The Domino’s brand is now tainted as a large corporation who doesn’t care about disabilities; we certainly don’t envy the task ahead for the Domino’s PR department.

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