Articles (in date order)

The surprising impact of accessibility on engagement

Jun 17 2024

The surprising impact of website and app accessibility on reach and engagement / GUEST BLOG Dan Drury

The importance of having your the Equity Performance Certificate™

Jun 11 2024

Dan Drury Introducing the Equity Performance Certificate™ ahead of the EACD 2024 Annual conference, May 27-28 / Brussels

CEOs Talk the Talk, but do they Walk the Walk?

May 22 2024

New Survey Exposes DE&I Failures and AAAtraq Unveils the Game-Changing Equity Performance SCORECARD

Navigating the New ADA Rule: Implications for Accessibility in Education

May 16 2024

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued an unprecedented final ruling on Title II of the ADA, mandating website accessibility as a legal requirement for public entities. This ruling marks a significant advancement in ensuring equal access to government services preventing discrimination.

Webinar - Digital Accessibility / The Viscardi Center

May 08 2024

Webinar - Digital Accessibility Shouldn’t be a Thousand-Piece Puzzle! - Still time to register! May 16th, 2024, 13:00 – 14:00 (Eastern (EDT) Time Zone)

Ensuring Relevance: The Imperative for CMS Vendors to Integrate Compliance Tools

Apr 30 2024

As businesses demand faster content publishing and compliance with stringent legal standards, the need for seamless integration of tools like Sitemorse within CMS platforms has never been more critical.