Articles (in date order)

Testing mobile apps, a service to try

Feb 07 2024

Service that may be worth a look, check your apps accessibility (ADA) compliance - 'Abra Desktop' as it is now available in Beta.

Navigating Vendor Accountability

Dec 15 2023

Ensure Your Developer Takes Responsibility or Risk Accountability Yourself.

Steps to Stars Walkthrough of the AAAtraq System

Nov 29 2023

New videos online - offering additional help and support at each stage of AAAtraq Continuous Protection compliance journey.

Is Content Management one of the route causes of accessibility failure?

Oct 24 2023

What is compliance?
How content management leads to most websites failing to meet accessibility standards.

Compliance vs. Legal Risks: Protected or Vulnerable?

Sep 20 2023

Web accessibility goes beyond technical guidelines; it is an emotionally charged subject with high stakes.

Web Accessibility (new '2.2' guidelines) AAAtraq service impact

Sep 05 2023

You may have heard of the updates the 'WCAG' (technical web content guidelines) and be wondering how we are going to incorporate into AAAtraq. Will litigation be even most complex, confusing - is a technical standard fit for litigation purposes?