AAAtraq is a Compliance Identification and Management service. Through automation, it simplifies and oversees the accessibility ecosystem cutting through confusion and regulatory complexities.

The service identifies whether an organisation is at risk or not. If the organisation falls short of accessibility standards, clear step-by-step guidance is provided.

This staged certification process demonstrates on-going reasonable adjustment. If and when challenged by legal systems or regulators, AAAtraq’s service and process allows for discussions of greater clarity, authority and a position of strength.


For most organizations, many of the barriers to efficient and effective digital management are caused by human limitations.

INACCURACY – Managing content and rules in spreadsheets and Word documents is a cumbersome, manual process.

COMPLEX MANAGEMENT - Organizations often need weeks or months to schedule work and test resulting changes to brand and communications.

LOSS OF TIME – Lack of processes across the organization to design, update, approve and get them into production often result in errors and slow time to market.

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Understanding your level of risk is just the first step to become compliant. As a Compliance Identification and Management service, AAAtraq assesses your current level of risk and provides clear and straightforward guidance to demonstrate reasonable adjustment. The ongoing certification process oversees accessibility by automatically tracking websites and providing monthly reporting.


AAAtraq is based on years of experience developing automated compliance software and technology.

Capabilities we have already developed or own are being brought together.

  • - 15 years of website capability assessment
  • - 11 years of experience in automated Accessibility auditing
  • - 10 years of site certification, analysis and metrics

Secure 'badge' site display methods and systems

  • - Over 5 years
  • - Operates largest single deployment presently

7 years experience in digital regulatory compliance reporting with some 23 billion addresses audited

  • - 99.93% availability 10 years+
  • - Throughput, 5.5m checks a day

Redefining the way we work towards digital compliance.

Why wouldn't you?