There are legal and moral reasons not to discriminate online and present practices are not fit for purpose. The majority of organisations currently fail, leading to repeated litigation and damage to brand reputation.

Ongoing compliance is achieved by adopting a strategic approach. AAAtraq’s intelligent automation simplifies understanding, mapping out the pathway to compliance, and replacing uncertainty with control.

AAAtraq automates the four cornerstones to compliance; Staff Development, Supplier Management, Compliance Reporting and Litigation Insurance. The service instils confidence to manage ongoing compliance faster and at lower cost.


AAAtraq is based on years of experience developing automated compliance software, and is now integrating the world's first 'pure' digital insurance capability.

Capabilities we have already developed (or own) are being brought together:

  • - 18 years' website assessment and checking capability
  • - 16 years' experience in automated Accessibility auditing
  • - 10 years of site certification, analysis and metrics

Secure ‘badge’ site display methods and systems

  • - 5 years plus
  • - Operate largest single deployment presently

7 years' experience in regulatory (digital) compliance reporting

System – already audited some 23 billion addresses

  • - 99.93% availability 10 years+
  • - Throughput, 5.5m checks a day

Insurance (US)

  • - 31 years' policy assessment and production
  • - 27 years' compliance coverage product
  • - 17 years' agent recruitment and support

AAAtraq - innovation that
will redefine the way we work
towards digital compliance

AAAtraq is based on many years’ experience developing principle-driven digital processes with supporting automated compliance software, and now integrating the world’s first ‘pure’ digital insurance capability.

Why wouldn't you?