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Digital risk has become one of the fastest growing, most pervasive risks in any organization today. This represents a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for insurance brokers. Online ADA (failure to make websites accessible to people living with disabilities) is one of the most significant risks and unnecessary exposures; seldom covered by existing policies - there is a coverage gap - one that we can close together.

Client Retention

Build on your trusted advisor status and risk management reputation.

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Above average broker commissions payable - huge market potential, appropriate for 99% of organization that operate a website.

Opportunity Value

99% Admin Free

No complex form filling, no underwriting decision, sign clients up in less than 3 minutes. Full claims management support provided.

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Current approach - the route cause of ADA risk

Over the last 4 years, 2 things have risen sharply; litigation, matched only by the spend on accessibility initiatives - with 94% of websites failing basic compliance, the current approach clearly isn't working.

Many insureds want to believe this is a web / IT problem (typically, their approach being 'reactive' to issues as they arise). Until they change to a Risk Controlled Approach, one of proactively removing the underlying failures causing the compliance failures, clients will not achieve ongoing compliance or remove the risk.

Have any questions?

Please reach out to me directly to arrange a Zoom to talk about the opportunity and discuss:

  • How together we can unlock a multi-million-dollar revenue opportunity for your brokerage.
  • How you can fill a coverage gap, and remove risk for insureds by offering our ADA Risk Control Program.
  • Client and or broker events that you would like me to consider speaking at.


Our proposition to brokers is 3-fold:

  • Unlock a new, highly profitable revenue opportunity
  • Improve client retention and use to start new client conversations
  • Grow your reputation in digital - one of the fastest growing, yet underserved areas of the market

ADA coverage presently is sporadic, insureds are uncertain as to levels of cover, deductibles - claims management and support. This represents an opportunity to establish a position at the forefront of digital risk, capitalizing on one of the fastest growing, yet underserved areas of the market - one that removes the billions of dollars currently being wasted, demonstrating innovation and importantly removes todays' unnecessary risk.

ADA, unlike Cyber, is a risk that can be quantified and removed. Partnering with AAAtraq, brokers can remove clients' exposure, offer a new line of cover and open-up previously untapped markets (estimated 40% of US organizations are without any insurances - yet 99.2% have to comply with ADA laws).

Opportunity appreciation

Digitalization of coverage and management is not going to be for all; for those looking to the future, our InsurTech platform, (deployable in under 90 days), offers the following:

  • Removes Coverage Gap
  • Builds digital credentials
  • Builds new revenues
  • Removes exposure
  • Builds brand value
  • Builds new business

Understand ADA RCP

Arrange an initial meeting to walk you through our RCP (Risk Control Program) look at how we are able to remove insured risk.

Show how our 3.6 trillion data points continually map risk to remove exposure - foundation of first data driven intelligence driven policy creation and ongoing management.

Own coverage & ADA RCP

Ensure your insureds, are aware of their individual ADA risk, remove coverage uncertainty and exposure.

Create a business plan, based on removal of the risk, along with the new earnings potential and put coverage in place for the 0.6% chance of human error - rather than todays exposure (94%+ of all content fails compliance).


Rather than being on the 'back foot' when insureds make a claim, (may expect you have them covered under existing polices) make them aware of their compliance failures and risk - strengthen your 'trusted advisor' position by ensuring specific coverage is in place.

Collaborative go-to-market covering the benefits of the ADA RCP offer, how it saves insureds millions to remove this unnecessary risk.