A new dawn

ADA coverage is at best sporadic, time being wasted understanding what, if any coverage there is and under what policy. Opportunity with AAAtraq is to ensure all understand their exposure (carrier <> insured) and in removing this unnecessary risk, all benefit.


Those managing risk need independent clarity as to their exposure. Until this is in place risk can not be understood, and its removal overseen.


Offering an InsurTech approach to remove ADA Risk is a much-needed offering for insured. A new program = new revenue, as well as removing risk automation is removing insured costs.

New reach

Deloitte estimated 40% of organizations have no insurances yet over 90% are online. ADA failure and unnecessary exposure impacts all - offering ADA RCP ensures you are not left out.

Have any questions?

Please reach out to me directly to arrange a Zoom to talk about our Pools Risk Control Program and:

  • Setting up and mandating ADA monitoring across your insured (ensure risk at least known about and your exposure removed).
  • Discussing setting up your own coverage and ADA RCP (Risk Control Program).
  • Insured, client and/or broker events you would like me to consider speaking at.

About Carriers

Our proposition to carriers is 3-fold:

  • remove the present confusion in relation to coverage
  • remove any present and limit ADA coverage exposure
  • ensure digital opportunity new earnings are not missed

ADA coverage presently is sporadic, insured are uncertain as to levels of cover, deductibles - claims management and support. The costs of this, be it directly in payouts (or not) and indirectly (time and brand) need to brough under control, with a positive response being offered. One that removes the billions of dollars presently being wasted, demonstrates innovation and importantly removes today's unnecessary risk.

ADA unlike Cyber is a risk that can be quantified and removed, by partnering with AAAtraq, carriers can remove today's unknown exposure, offer a new line of cover and open up previously untapped markets (estimated 40% of US organizations are without any insurances - yet 99.2% have to comply with ADA laws and would immediately benefit from an ADA Risk Control Program).

Opportunity appreciation

Digitalization of coverage and management is not going to be for all; for those looking to the future, our InsurTech platform, (deployable in under 90 days), offers the following:

  • Removes Coverage Gap
  • Claims costs
    (paying out and managing)
  • Builds new revenues
  • Removes exposure
  • Builds brand value
  • Builds new business

Understand ADA RCP

Arrange an initial meeting to walk you through our RCP (Risk Control Program) look at how we are able to remove insured risk.

Show how our 3.6 trillion data points continually map risk to remove exposure - foundation of first data driven intelligence driven policy creation and ongoing management.

Own coverage & ADA RCP

Ensure your insured, direct or via brokers are aware of their individual ADA exposure, remove coverage uncertainty and insured exposure.

Create your own policy to offer, based on removal of the risk and then coverage for 0.6% chance of human error - rather than todays exposure (94%+ of all content fails compliance)


Rather than being exposed for the unknown of ADA claims, as your your brokers / directs are aware of their compliance failures and risk - protect yourself by specific endorsements outlining coverage in the event of claim.

Collaborative go-to-market covering the benefits of the ADA RCP offer, how it saves the insured millions, along with the new earnings potential to remove this unnecessary risk.