For organisations great and small, accessibility regulation is proving near impossible to manage and is, as a result, becoming a legal 'free for all' - worse, it's negatively impacting the very people the rules should be assisting.

Your risk profile will include:

  • Understand, are you at risk?
  • Certification as to your level of risk
  • Charts confidence vs control
  • Adjustment demonstration timeline
  • Service access

The shield

The shield is a visible way for clients to demonstrate compliance through service participation and ward off possible litigation.

Fit and forget - under an hour per site.

Updates managed - remotely, autometically

Near impossible to replicate - will only work on the site with services subscription.

Unique in terms of ease of use - just one code, any number of sites.

Degrees of excellence - to demonstrate progress and adjustments being made.

Stars - the highly prized stars are awarded to display progress made and celebrate all levels of attainment. It is at the client's direction as to whether stars are shown in the panel

risk levels

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