First Insurance pool to mandate AAAtraq.

30 Sep 2020

ICRMA insurance pool partners with AAAtraq to protect members and improve ADA compliance.

[SEP 30] [LONDON] AAAtraq (opens in a new window) has formed a strategic partnership with California’s Independent Cities Risk Management Authority (ICRMA) to aid members and help them reduce the costs and time to understand, achieve and maintain ADA compliance.

ICRMA’s members are located throughout California and enjoy collaborative buying and other benefits as part of their membership. The partnership with AAAtraq is seen as a progressive move to add additional benefit in the face of increasing litigation against online discrimination.

“We’re delighted to form this new partnership with AAAtraq,” commented Beth Lyons of ICRMA. “Our members recognise the need not to discriminate by making their content ADA compliant but are often faced with a minefield of conflicting recommendations, vendor promises and software tools that leave them unsure where to turn and potentially exposed.”

AAAtraq provides a strategic approach to ADA compliance, allowing those responsible for managing risk to make an independent assessment of the situation their organization faces. The service puts the four corner stones of a Compliance Identification and Management System (CIMS) in place to ensure effective compliance adherence, and replace the uncertainty felt by many with a high degree of control and confidence.

“AAAtraq’s analysis has shown that 94% of website are failing compliance requirements making the majority easy targets for aggressive lawyers. AAAtraq provides subscribers with a pathway to compliance, immediate insurance cover and access to top-level legal support in the event of a lawsuit being received,” said AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw

The AAAtraq service is immediately available to ICRMA members through the partnership. “Receiving a lawsuit can be highly distractive at a time when organizations are struggling to cope with the fall out of Covid-19. ICRMA members will have more understanding and be more confident of meeting their ADA obligations knowing they have the support of a service that can help them not only initially become compliant, but stay compliant over the long term.” concluded Shaw.

ICRMA has also negotiated 3 months complementary access to Sitemorse ( ensuring those members without services to test, check or measure their website have unlimited access the Sitemorse service until the end of the year – an additional $600.00 of value to each member.



ICRMA ( (opens in a new window)) is the risk management partner of choice for public entities in California, providing cost stabilization and effective risk solutions to members.

We achieve this through: Active and proactive Board that is willing to take ownership and make difficult decisions; Providing members a voice and an element of local control; Long-term financial sustainability and deliberate financial decision making; Innovative, Proactive Risk Management Think Tank providing diverse expertise and responsive customer service; and Customization / Flexibility / Adaptability of service offerings.

About AAAtraq

It would be inconceivable to open a building that doesn’t adhere to statutory (ADA) regulations. The same principle applies online. Today’s digital reliance brings with it a greater responsibility to ensure standards are upheld. Accordingly, every commercial and public entity must ensure that their website and apps are equally accessible.

AAAtraq is an InsurTech company that helps organizations ensure that their online presence is compliant with the ADA regulations. By identifying the areas of risk exposure and providing a clear pathway to compliance, with automated monitoring and reporting, AAAtraq replaces uncertainly with control.

Litigation in this area is rife, with opportunist lawyers targeting organizations in all sectors. The present rate of growth rate could see every non-profit organization in the US targeted in the next four years. AAAtraq’s service provides protection against this aggression, which is particularly relevant for softer targets.

Subscribers also benefit from an immediate $2,500 of insurance cover, rising to $50,000 as they progress through our star process, ensuring that even if they are targeted by litigation, the costs are covered.

AAAtraq makes ADA compliance easier to understand, achievable in less time, at lower cost, and replaces distraction and uncertainty with confidence.