Microassist Announces Partnership with AAAtraq

Feb 23 2021

Microassist Inc, a leading provider of digital accessibility and usability solutions,has announced it has partnered with AAAtraq. The partnership means that procurement customers will more easily be able to embed ADA compliance measures within their processes.

Microassist Inc. (opens in a new window), a leading provider of digital accessibility and usability solutions, has announced it has partnered with AAAtraq. The partnership means that procurement customers will more easily be able to embed ADA compliance measures within their processes.

Ensuring procurements meet accessibility compliance measures is vital in protecting an organization from costly litigation, demand letters, and complaints. AAAtraq provides an independent verification solution for those looking to achieve and maintain long-term ADA compliance. The service creates a strategic, principle-driven, pathway for subscribers, ensuring that compliance can be achieved quickly, at minimal cost and without technical distractions.

“Through this unique partnership, AAAtraq will expand options for procurement clients who want to mitigate their risk and reduce the costs and time required to understand, achieve and maintain compliance,” said Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq. “We believe that Microassist is uniquely positioned to bring meaningful experience, resources, and value to our clients.”

Microassist will supplement AAAtraq’s offering by providing accessibility procurement consulting and training services related to the acquisition of accessible goods and services used in product development, delivery, or internal systems.

Much of Microassist’s attention will be spent providing insight into accessibility procurement attestations such as the Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) which is based on the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). An ACR is one of the most widely adopted forms of product credible evidence obtained during the procurement process. A credible ACR allows purchasers to identify accessible products or mitigate a product’s accessibility compliance issues through an exception process.

“Ensuring that people with disabilities can instinctively navigate a company’s website or cloud-based and mobile applications as designed and intended should be a priority for businesses with forward looking digital inclusion strategies,” said Jack McElaney, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Microassist. "Microassist’s new partnership with AAAtraq is going to produce improved digital inclusion for clients and support our mission of helping our clients and partners advance and exceed their accessibility and disability-inclusion goals, removing digital barriers to accessing their content and knowledge.”


AAAtraq (www.AAAtraq.com) (opens in a new window) is an InsurTech company for those that manage risk. Our service shields organizations from ADA website compliance litigation with up to $50,000 of costs coverage.

For $99/month and within an hour, clients are protected from legal aggression and are demonstrating reasonable adjustment.

Clients can then follow a step-by-step plan that helps make ADA compliance easier to understand, less distracting to achieve, with a lower cost to maintain.

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