AAAtraq invited working lunch with the CLM (Claims and Litigation Management)

30 Jul 2021

AAAtraq was delighted to join this month's working lunch with CLM (Claims and Litigation Management). The virtual meeting event is open to CLM members, including risk managers, claims adjusters, defense lawyers, EPL brokers, and carriers.

This month’s focus was the impact COVID 19 has had on businesses rushing to adopt online platforms. With topics ranging from the barriers to accessibility of websites for users with various disabilities, to the liability exposure for failure to meet accessibility standards, AAAtraq were excited to share actionable strategies to help organization bring their websites into compliance.

When asked on his thought on the event Lawrence Shaw of AAAtraq said "It was great to be able to share thoughts, experience and help to bring greater understanding as to the issue of website accessibility and how to protect yourselves and clients."

About the CLM

The CLM, a member of The Institutes, is dedicated to meeting the professional development needs of the claims and litigation management industries. Through various in-person and online programs and resources, the CLM provides its growing membership of over 50,000 professionals a wide range of opportunities throughout the year to expand their knowledge, earn continuing education credits, and further their careers.

Thank you to all that attended. Don't forget to confirm and have the time recorded for your CLE credits. If you would like to get a copy of the slides from our presentation, these are available upon request from (opens in a new window)

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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