AAAdvent Calendar - December 23rd

Dec 23 2021

The AAAdvent Calendar is helping to spread the festive spirit and the word about digital inclusion, every day we'll be unveiling a new window.

Welcome to Day 23 of the AAAdvent Calendar!

When it comes to ADA compliance, an organization-wide approach must be taken – it's commonly expected for it ‘all’ to be sorted by the web / IT department.

Web teams can have the best diagnostics tools in the world, but if legal don’t know what the risk is, if procurement is not managing suppliers effectively, if staff aren’t trained and management aren’t receiving clear reporting; ADA compliance will remain unattainable for most. This is the foundation of the problem.

It’s being left to the web team, and they have got limited resources. Multiple people in an organization produce website content. The web team don’t read every email that goes out, because it would be impossible, and they can’t be expected to check every webpage either.

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