AAAtraq Join SLA To Educate Insurance Sector On The Risks of Operating In An Online Environment

Jun 23 2022

Last week, AAAtraq VP Partnerships & Commercial, Rob Andrews, had the pleasure of being part of a panel hosting a CE course for the Surplus Line Association of California (SLA) on ‘The Yellow Click Road: Perils When Operating In An Online Environment’.

The webinar aimed to teach agents and brokers about the risks of operating in an online environment, including content management exposures (e.g., copyright, trademark, rights of publicity), privacy, web accessibility, web development, employee recruitment, defamation/trade libel, and more.

Along with fellow hosts, Adam Bialek, Lisa A. Ryder and Patricia Foley, Rob discussed how businesses need to be aware of digital risks and how these risks are fostering more complaints and claims, and how businesses are often scrambling to determine if they have coverage or if there is someone else to blame.

Topics covered included what the insurance issues are that arise, and how they are handled, which in turn will help insurance professionals identify and assess the potential exposures from the risks of having a website, and using social media. The panel also discussed the ways in which these risks can be mitigated before losses arise, and the potential for insurance to play a role in managing the risk.

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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