AAAtraq announces CLIC Collaboration

Jul 27 2022

ADA risk management available to all CLIC members

[JULY 27th, 2022 NEW YORK] AAAtraq, an InsurTech company, today announced its collaboration with the leading insurance pool in the mid-west, CLIC. The AAAtraq Risk Management Program (RMP) is now available to all CLIC members, and any Illinois public school district is eligible for the program via CLIC.

AAAtraq’s Risk Management Program (RMP) immediately removes a potential $9,350,0001 unnecessary pool exposure. By engaging with the AAAtraq program, which provides cover and automates guidance, CLIC members save money. Following the AAAtraq RMP will allow them to demonstrate reasonable adjustment, which is an ADA legal requirement that simply cannot be ignored.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed with the intention of eliminating disability-based discrimination from physical spaces, though the law also ensures that the associated websites don’t exclude people with disabilities. This has left organizations and pools exposed to multi-million-dollar litigation through lack of compliance (claims now average $27,7502).

Michael McHugh, Senior Executive Vice President of Gallagher’s Public Sector Practice and responsible for CLIC pool administration services, believes it’s only a matter of time before that legal demand arrives. “CLIC identified a gap in its coverage and has moved quickly to plug that gap. We recognized the need to nip this in the bud now, as website ADA claims could have an even greater impact than today’s cyber challenge.”

The announcement of this collaboration demonstrates CLIC’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, and their want to provide pool members with peace of mind about a very current and highly litigious issue. AAAtraq’s innovative solution allows pool members to address inclusion, with members self-managing their setup up in less than a minute (for immediate protection).

Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq commented “Pools must get cover now while they can, and before claims rise further. CLIC has demonstrated leadership and foresight by providing their members with millions of dollars of immediate cover, recognizing that it’s important to deal with the problem before it gets out of control!”

The immediate risk for pools is the cost and distraction of ADA litigation, ongoing it’s the continual spend on unrealistic promises of ‘compliance’. AAAtraq works with pools to ensure protection and remove unnecessary exposure.

Take 60 seconds to understand your risk - you can do it at (opens in a new window) (it’s FREE, no email is required, and results are immediately available and understandable).


1 $9,350,000 – figure based on CLIC members (from the initial member audit) dealing with claims at the current claim rate (percentage) over the coming 3 years. This is a conservative figure that doesn’t consider the ongoing rise in claims (2020 total market estimate: external exposure $600,000,000/month). Risk will continue to escalate as the softer targets become an ever-greater focus for litigation.

2 $27,750 - the unnecessary ADA exposure a pool faces based on: (a) immediate risk of litigation - costs and distraction (b) The ongoing and unmonitored spend on promises of compliance. A typical claim is broken down as: ‘Settlement’ (min $8,000 [$15-17 typical 2022]), ‘Legal Fees’ ($6,500), ‘Reactive Corrections’ ($4,250) and the mandating of ‘Ongoing Monitoring’ ($9,000).

Notes to Editor:

About CLIC ( (opens in a new window)

Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC) is a strong and stable member-driven insurance pool that utilizes risk sharing and excess insurance to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, school-specific Risk Management Program.

About Gallagher ( (opens in a new window)

Gallagher is a global business insurance, risk management and consulting services company offering clients and customers innovation and tenacity across 150 countries.

We use our 90 years of intelligence and insight to protect what matters most: your business. We form lifelong partnerships with our clients and underwriters which, when combined with our world class data and analytics, helps our customers face their futures with confidence.

In every community where we do business, more than 30,000 Gallagher colleagues create and follow a culture based on strong values, collaboration and professional excellence.

Over 6 billion USD in revenues Gallagher are a global leader in insurance.

About AAAtraq ( (opens in a new window)

AAAtraq removes ADA risk with an InsurTech approach to ADA compliance. AAAtraq has partnered with Brit and Gallagher to design a unique insurance policy, exclusive to AAAtraq customers. Our Compliance Identification & Risk Management Program enables digital equality to become a reality. Our purpose is to remove today’s widescale, unnecessary risk and ensure inclusion is accessible to all. Despite efforts, and the $billions spent, 94% of online content is leaving organizations immediately exposed. With AAAtraq’s simple SaaS deployment – clients can demonstrate significant improvement in just one week.

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