Steps to Stars Walkthrough of the AAAtraq System

Nov 29 2023

New videos online - offering additional help and support at each stage of AAAtraq Continuous Protection compliance journey.

What is Steps to Stars?

Embarking on the path to digital compliance is made simple with AAAtraq’s step-by-step video guide. This comprehensive walkthrough acts as a roadmap for your journey towards achieving your AAAtraq shield. Whether you’re new to digital compliance or looking to enhance your existing practices, AAAtraq’s walkthrough provides clear and actionable steps to guide you through the process.

Follow the Stars on this compliance journey and ensure your online presence is not only accessible but also aligned with the latest standards and best practices. By following the steps and attaining the AAAtraq shield, you’ll not only demonstrate your commitment to online accessibility and compliance but also position yourself to increase your insurance coverage.

What to Expect

Each help video is strategically placed alongside its corresponding step, ensuring that you have instant access to guidance when you need it most. These videos provide comprehensive assistance throughout your user journey. Each video provides a clear understanding and explanation of each step, reducing the likelihood of confusion and errors.

You will have access to the information you need in a matter of minutes, covering aspects such as confirming and updating organization details, optimizing Home and Accessibility pages, assigning responsibilities for Risk and Digital, and incorporating web service vendors.

How to Access Help Videos

Accessing the help videos is simple and user-friendly. As you progress through each step of the AAAtraq system, keep an eye out for the easily identifiable video icon (as seen on the example screenshot at the top right-hand side of this paragraph). Clicking on the icon launches a video guide that walks you through the process.

Continuous Compliance

The continuous compliance journey is not just a destination but an ongoing process of adaptation and improvement to meet the ever-changing demands regarding online accessibility. As part of our continuous effort to provide exceptional support, we’ve added these helpful video guides to accompany each step of your accessibility journey,

This user-centric approach aims to provide you with a convenient and accessible resource, ensuring you maximize the valuable insights offered by AAAtraq’s help videos throughout your compliance journey.

Happy watching!

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