ADA compliance: taking that first step

12 Nov 2020

The first step to ensure ‘online’ ADA compliance is often the hardest. But once taken, the process of demonstrating reasonable adjustment and reducing risk for your organization from potential litigation has already begun.

Risk Mitigation - $100/month

AAAtraq subscribers up and down the US are rapidly discovering that it takes just 60 minutes to audit where they are currently and complete the small number of simple steps required to begin demonstrating reasonable adjustment. So what’s the process? And how can you get results so quickly from the AAAtraq system?

The first hour

By taking these quick and easy steps you’ll be demonstrating reasonable adjustment, and the risk to your organization from ADA non-compliance will have already reduced.

  • To begin, request a free RISK PROFILE. This takes just a few minutes and allows you to see the level of risk your organization faces as well as the personalized pathway that will take you towards compliance.

  • Subscribing to the AAAtraq service is stage two. In just 15 minutes you’ll have signed up and will immediately be benefitting from $2,500 worth of insurance cover and access to dedicated legal support should you need it.

  • It takes just another 15 minutes to add the staff and suppliers that manage your website into the system. This vital step will allow future notifications and training to be targeted at the right people.

  • Just 30 minutes later and the AAAtraq shield will be added to your website. This unique icon is increasingly being recognized by aggressive lawyers as notification that you are taking ADA compliance seriously and will not be an easy litigation target.

  • In just another five minutes, the team managing your site will have been notified of the priority actions to improve experience and reduce risk for your organization. Initial training materials will also have been prepared during this time.

  • Finally, you’ll understand where your top 10 pages need to be and the prioritized activity that needs to be taken to bring them up to recognized levels of compliance.

Week two and $10,000 worth of insurance cover

Beyond the first week, you can begin to breathe more easily. You’re probably demonstrating reasonable adjustment and have more protection than ever before. Your journey has only just started, but AAAtraq will enable you to progress rapidly towards achieving a low-risk status.

In fact, by the end of week two you should have been awarded a coveted star for your AAAtraq shield and be enjoying $10,000 of insurance protection – all underwritten by BRIT, one of the world’s most financially secure insurance organisations.

Complying with ADA regulations can seem like a daunting prospect for busy organizations, but the cost and distraction caused by a law suit being filed against you will be much worse.

No matter what you’ve been told about your compliance status by your digital suppliers, independent verification will be worthwhile. And if you are at risk, it takes just an hour with AAAtraq to start your compliance journey.

About AAAtraq

As InsurTech, AAAtraq is the first Risk Management service to include expert litigation support and insurance, limiting risk and removing distraction. Our intelligence-driven automation simplifies the understanding and monitoring of risk and reduces the cost to achieve and maintain compliance.

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