Accessibility Roundup - Dec 09 / 2020

Dec 09 2020

Summary of a few articles we have seen over the last week. Extracts with links to the full piece.

ALL | Is Web Accessibility Only for People Who Are Blind?

Web accessibility requires an appropriate mindset, and some misconceptions can prevent businesses from making effective decisions. One of the most common myths: If you’ve made a website accessible for people who are blind, it’s accessible for everyone. After all, accessibility is about providing accommodations for people with vision disabilities — isn’t it? (opens in a new window)

UK | Accessibility at the heart of GDS

When GDS says accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, we mean it. Even royalty, as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall found out when visiting the Cabinet Office: the duo seemed impressed by a demo of assistive technologies reading GOV.UK, so we like to think our approach to accessibility has the royal seal of approval. (opens in a new window)

US | What insurance is available to mitigate Website ADA risk?

It would be inconceivable to open a building that doesn’t adhere to the ADA. The same principle applies online. Currently, however, 94% of the 225 million websites in the US are non-compliant and discriminatory, leaving organizations at risk of litigation. AAAtraq first week - first hour, demonstrate reasonable adjustment & benefit from $10,000 cover. (opens in a new window)

US | Higher Ed Accessibility Lawsuits, Complaints, and Settlements

Higher educational institutions face liability for inaccessible web content and technologies. Across the US a breakdown, by State of the litigation examples - actions taken against some very well-known and some not so well know education establishments, taken by legal firms, individuals and complaints filed by the Dept. of Education. (opens in a new window)

US | Pandemic presents new opportunities to boost accessibility

Though US law requires most public and private companies to make their websites and digital experiences accessible to people with disabilities, many are still missing the mark……. a review of the top 1 million homepages worldwide by WebAIM also found that many lacked the most basic features: 86.3% failed to offer low-contrast text, 66.0% were missing alternative text for images, and 59.9% had empty links. (opens in a new window)


AAAtraq ( is an InsurTech company for those that manage risk. Our service shields organizations from ADA website compliance litigation with up to $50,000 of costs coverage.

For $99/month and within an hour, clients are protected from legal aggression and are demonstrating reasonable adjustment.

Clients can then follow a step-by-step plan that helps make ADA compliance easier to understand, less distracting to achieve, with a lower cost to maintain.

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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