FAIRA Board approves AAAtraq services

10 Feb 2021

The Fire Agencies Insurance Risks Authority (FAIRA) in California and Nevada is enhancing support for its members by joining forces with AAAtraq a service that helps subscribers to reduce the costs and time to understand, achieve and maintain ADA compliance.

With over 100 members in California and Nevada, FAIRA provides favourable insurance terms and benefits for fire agencies across said states. As well as the purchase of Property and Liability insurance, FAIRA provides contract review, risk management, loss control, training tools, property appraisals and now a strategic tool to aid ADA compliance.

The partnership with AAAtraq is seen as a positive move which will add a valuable additional benefit and reduce the risk of increasing litigation against online discrimination.

FAIRA is working to educate all Members of the need to keep their online content ADA compliant and avoid discrimination against those with disabilities. However, they have found that many are faced with a host of software solutions that are more expensive and too often provide a partial solution, potentially leaving an exposure litigation.

AAAtraq provides an independent verification solution for those looking to achieve, and maintain, ADA compliance for the long term. The service automates personalized staff training, digital supply chain oversight and reporting to ensure effective adherence to regulations and replace the uncertainty felt by many with a high degree of control and confidence.

Moreover, all Members benefit from the insurance cover underwritten by global carrier BRIT of up to $50,000 per member, once the five modules have been completed, with access to dedicated legal support should they need it.

“Our analysis of millions of websites has shown that 94% are failing against compliance requirements making them easy targets for aggressive lawyers. AAAtraq subscribers benefit from a personalized pathway to ADA compliance, providing a clear guide and adding certainty to the process of adhering to the regulations,” said AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw.

On January 7, 2021 FAIRA hosted an introductory call where AAAtraq provided an overview to the Membership of how to access the service. For those unable to attend the call, the recording has been posted to the FAIRA website.

“A lawsuit can soak up valuable time and effort, at a time when fire-fighting agencies are struggling with the fall out of Covid-19 and the aftermath of wildfires across the state. With AAAtraq, FAIRA members can be more confident that they are meeting their ADA obligations and remaining compliant for all who need to access their services.” concluded Shaw.

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