AAAtraq wins InsurTech award

May 12 2021

AAAtraq has been awarded the 2021 award for InsurTech innovation by business publication, Acquisition International.

At the same time AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw has been featured in the latest issue of the magazine discussing the challenge for business of ADA compliance as the increasing dependence on the online world places greater emphasis on digital content.

The article examines the current and future issues that face US firms. The risk of failing to comply with legal and often moral standards in their online content practices, has left many firms at risk of litigation.

The lack of compliance has increasingly been targeted by lawyers, leading to repeated litigation with the potential for sizeable fines and the resultant brand and reputation damage. Lawrence explains how AAAtraq’s strategic approach simplifies the process of compliance with ADA regulations.

Acquisition International is a monthly, international, digital business magazine which is circulated to over 108,000 professionals, each month.

Read the full Acquisition International article at (opens in a new window)

About AAAtraq

AAAtraq ( is an InsureTech solution to shield organizations from unnecessary legal aggression and then remove unnecessary cost, reducing the time it takes to understand, achieve and maintain ADA website compliance.

Our intelligence-driven automation provides a strategic, principle-driven pathway with clear timescales and milestones to compliance along with $10,000 (rising to $50,000 as clients progress) of litigation cost coverage within just one month, all for a $99/month subscription.

Ongoing staff support, digital supply chain oversight and monthly reporting replace complexity with confidence. AAAtraq, for those managing risk, not digital.

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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