Nebula and AAAtraq partner on ADA remediation

May 05 2021

Website accessibility company Nebula Media Group (opens in a new window) has partnered with AAAtraq to provide SMEs and smaller government entities with a fixed-price service that will ensure their online content remains accessible for the long term. AAAtraq’s ADA compliance service will be at the heart of Nebula Media Group’s solution.

“Risk managers need to fully understand accessibility and ADA compliance but getting an independent view of their organization’s risk exposure can be a huge challenge,” said Will Bubenik, CEO at Nebula Media Group. “By integrating the AAAtraq service, Nebula can give clients a clear indication of their risk exposure right from the start of the compliance process.”

Nebula offers an exhaustive menu of services to help clients understand and manage the ADA compliance process for themselves to ensure their digital content remains accessible. AAAtraq’s functionality will help reduce the time and expense it takes for risk managers to understand what needs to be done to become compliant and remain that way over the long-term.

“By integrating AAAtraq into our existing menu of services clients can access their individualized compliance pathway and assess their progress,” said Will Bubenik, CEO at Nebula Media Group. “AAAtraq’s quick and easy reporting makes it easy to understand current levels of risk exposure in a matter of minutes."

One of our USPs is that we help develop a customized roadmap for clients using both AAAtraq and coaching calls to help the client build out or modify their accessibility program to integrate accessibility into their processes and workflows. "Teach a man to fish" vs the "Give a man a fish" approach.

SMEs and smaller government entities served by Nebula will now be protected up to $10,000 of cost coverage after just an hour of making adjustments to their websites.

“With COVID-19 increasing the reliance of many on digital services, there is even greater scrutiny on website owners to comply with the ADA by customers and also lawyers looking to serve unsuspecting website owners,” said Rob Andrews, Channel Director of AAAtraq. “Through the AAAtraq partnership, Nebula customers can quickly benefit from $10,000 of cost coverage, rising to $50,000 as they progress down their personalized compliance pathway."

About Nebula Media Group

Nebula Media Group (opens in a new window) creates customized fixed-price digital accessibility solutions to help nonprofits, small, and mid-size businesses attain and maintain accessibility compliance. Nebula’s suite of digital accessibility products and services are designed to provide equal access, enhance the user experience for all, and provide sustainable, results-driven accessibility solutions for any business or organization with an online presence. Nebula’s mission is to make accessibility accessible to all.

About AAAtraq

AAAtraq (opens in a new window) is an InsurTech company for those managing risk. Our service shields organizations from ADA website compliance litigation with up to $50,000 of costs coverage.

For $99/month and within an hour, clients are protected from legal aggression and are demonstrating reasonable adjustment.

Clients can then follow a step-by-step plan that helps make ADA compliance easier to understand, less distracting to achieve, with a lower cost to maintain.

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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