AAAtraq’s CEO discusses ADA compliance, lawsuits and the AAAtraq service

12 Jun 2021

AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw, spoke to Lee Boyd on the FNO: InsureTech Podcast to talk all about AAAtraq, our service, ADA litigations cases and much more.

The weekly FNO: InsureTech podcast interviews leaders from InsureTech and insurance to get up to date ideas and perspectives on how technology is disrupting and transforming industries. Each week it features people who are on the forefront of inventing, using, developing, or transforming the insurance world through applied technology.

AAAtraq CEO, Lawrence Shaw, was recently invited to join joined Lee Boyd on the FNO: InsureTech Podcast to talk all about AAAtraq, the service, the increase in ADA litigation cases for website compliance and much more.

Lawrence began by giving an overview of how AAAtraq came to be; “We've been offering automated compliance of websites for about 15-20 years in the privacy and accessibility field. One of the things we've noticed and observed is the growth of litigation, and the challenges organizations face in terms of being compliant.”

Lawrence went on to explain the issues facing organizations when it comes to ADA compliance; “The majority of businesses want to be compliant, and that's the challenge they face is understanding what compliance is and then achieving it. That's just the earliest embryonic stage we see where this market is and where this market is developing.”

The 35 minute podcast covers many other subjects, including the increase in litigation cases in the US. Lee asked; “So, if a company doesn't pay attention to it [ADA compliance], they just have a regular website that's out there could there be financial penalties could there be litigation against a company for not making sure that they're adhering to the codes that are set forth?”

The conversation moved onto how AAAtraq protects organizations, Lawrence explained; “Clients subscribe to our service $99 a month, so it's not cost-prohibitive for anybody. We've then got a shield which we give people to put on their website. The key to protecting against litigation is demonstrating you're doing something about this and we found that in about 70% of cases, once you can remove a lot of the technicalities, which is what we try and do with our system it helps people understand.”

Lawrence also explained how AAAtraq is helping organisations to understand what they need to do: “What we've done, is to look at and address what is the root cause of the problem is and where the problems lie. This breaks down into three areas which are at the heart of AAAtraq, helping to understand the three core areas. First of all, how do you make reporting understandable? How do you simplify the reporting so people can understand what they have to do and what their level of risk is. The second area is supplier reporting supplier accountability. The third area is the internal training of staff, making sure that those who are publishing things on the web can actually do things in a compliant way.”

We’re grateful to the team at the FNO: InsureTech Podcast and Lee for giving us the opportunity to raise the issues many businesses are facing with ADA website compliance and litigation as well as the chance to discuss the approach we are taking at AAAtraq. We’re looking forward to joining the team in the future to discuss more of these subjects.

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