AAAdvent Calendar - December 7th

07 Dec 2021

The AAAdvent Calendar is helping to spread the festive spirit and the word about digital inclusion, every day we'll be unveiling a new window.

Welcome to Day 7 of the AAAdvent Calendar!

AAAtraq is an InsurTech company. We provide the first intelligence driven Risk Control Service to shield organizations from ADA litigation.

Our automation delivers: Auditing, immediately clarifying risk; a Modelling engine to proactively direct mitigation actions; and Protection, legal expertise and insurance.

AAAtraq’s monitoring is easier to understand and less expensive (up to 10x) when compared with present technical services and coupled with our insurance of providing up to $50,000 to cover litigation costs, AAAtraq continues to replace confusion with confidence.

With immediate cover on signup (US$99/m) and one lawsuit equivalent to over 50 years’ subscription – the risk is not to subscribe.

Find out more at: (opens in a new window)

Interested in AAAtraq? Watch our video to find out more.

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