Round up for December, who has been covering online inclusivity?

Dec 20 2021

The headlines around online inclusion keep coming. Over the last month we’ve seen many topics being covered including sectors that previously haven’t had much of a spotlight.

As always, we’ve compiled some notable pieces about online inclusivity from the past few weeks. There is some great reading this month including a piece on more inclusive music videos, as well as an update on how The Department of Justice is enforcing digital accessibility.

Report Shows Accessibility in Gaming is Both Challenge and Opportunity

This article covers a sector that hasn’t, until recently, been talked about much in terms of inclusion. The piece discusses how it’s not just playing games that causes people living with disabilities to face difficulties. (opens in a new window)

N.S. Singer 'Making a Connection' with Audio Described Music Video, Accessible Show

There’s often a lot of negative stories around inclusion, however, this very much positive piece focuses on what could be the new way of enjoying music videos for people living with disabilities. (opens in a new window)

Exclusive: How The Austin Lighthouse for the Blind uses Robotics to Make Warehouse Work More Efficient and More Accessible

Austin Lighthouse provide orientation and mobility training, employment assistance, life skill training, and a wealth of other services, including overseeing a million square feet of warehouse and distribution space in Austin and the surrounding area. They started working with autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, in an effort to help blind and low vision workers in their warehouse which has led to an increase in productivity. (opens in a new window)

The Importance of Digital Accessibility for Marketing and Sales Teams

This article introduces three steps to enhance your business’s digital inclusion, with the spotlight on the process being an ongoing one that will benefit all users, not just people living with disabilities. (opens in a new window)

DOJ Reinforces its Stance: ADA Applies to the Digital World

Over the last year there has been a lot of talk about the ADA being applied to digital. Several recent press releases from the Department of Justice show that the ADA can, and should, be applied to digital. For example: (opens in a new window)

Why Cannabis Companies Should Care About Their Online Accessibility

This article really focuses on how no sector is immune from ADA litigation, and that the recent cases involving New York based CBD retailers should sound alarm bells to other businesses in the industry, that they might be the next target for the aggressive drive-by-lawyers. (opens in a new window)

What’s In a Typical ADA Website Claim?

We hear a lot about ADA website litigation claims but as the ADA doesn’t include specific standards for web content, it can leave some organizations unsure of what’s required of them and what would happen if they were to receive a demand letter. This piece gives information on what is often cited in such claims. (opens in a new window)

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