Round up for January, who has been covering online inclusivity?

Jan 24 2022

2021 was a busy year for inclusion news, with a whole range of topics being covered. 2022 has also got off to an eventful start with some very thought-provoking articles covering the subject.

In this month’s edition, we’re looking at inclusion trends and terms to be aware of in 2022, a very interesting case where an organization fights a claim and much more.

ADA Digital Accessibility Lawsuits 2021: Our takeaway

In this piece, many facts are discussed on the number of cases that have been filed, what types of companies are the target and how this compares to previous years. (opens in a new window)

Five 2022 accessibility trends

Sheri Byrne-Haber gives her predictions on where inclusivity will end up in 2022. Prediction 4 is one in particular that will be interesting to watch, as many cases still reference WCAG 2.0, even though 2.1 has been final since mid 2018. (opens in a new window)

28 Website Accessibility Terms to Know in 2022

This great little glossary of terms contains 28 essential web accessibility terms that not only website owners should be aware of. By knowing and understanding the terms used, people will find it easier to be aware of inclusion issues. (opens in a new window)

For Users With Disabilities, Paid Apps Lag Behind Free Ones in Accessibility, Report Shows

With many users turning to apps instead of websites, it’s important to include these in inclusion policies. We hope 2022 sees the gap between paid and free apps narrowed. (opens in a new window)

Accessibility awareness is on the rise, but is it turning into action?

Joe Devon, founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, highlights an important message, whilst there is a lot of talk about inclusion, is it resulting in websites being more inclusive? Actions speak louder than words. (opens in a new window)

How “Accessible” is Your Website? Resolve to Prioritize Digital Accessibility in the New Year and Avoid a Lawsuit

With the Department of Justice making inclusion an enforcement priority (late 2021 saw three enforcement actions relating to websites settled), this article asks some very relevant questions that every organization should be asking themselves. (opens in a new window)

NHL’s Anaheim Ducks Seek Exit From Disability Suit Over Website

In this very interesting case, the Hockey Club told a federal court that a proposed ADA class action alleging its website fails to accommodate visually impaired people should be dismissed because the named plaintiff is “not a bona fide patron”. Is this really the correct thing to do? Wouldn't addressing the issue, making the website inclusive be better? If not, is it only lawyers that 'win' (opens in a new window)

Build A Solid Foundation For SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements

The link between SEO and inclusion has been mentioned several times before. Organizations are aware of SEO and the benefits of having a comprehensive strategy for their SEO, but such strategies should be built with inclusion in mind, which in turn will have a positive impact on SEO (opens in a new window)

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