CLIC Collaboration Announcement

Jul 04 2022

[JULY 1st, 2022 NEW YORK] Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC), the leading insurance pool for school districts in Illinois, today announced its collaboration with InsurTech, AAAtraq; introducing a new risk management program for members, to protect them from the rapidly growing threat of litigation for website non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

CLIC members will be protected with up to $50,000 of litigation costs coverage per claim by engaging with, and being guided by, the AAAtraq program, and can now take control of compliance, with the aim of becoming more inclusive online for all.

Legal demands alone are conservatively estimated to have cost US entities $6.62 billion in 20201. With litigation growing exponentially, and schools considered an easy target for opportunist lawyers, CLIC has taken decisive action.

Michael McHugh, Senior Executive Vice President of Gallagher’s Public Sector Practice and responsible for CLIC pool administration services, believes it’s a case of if, not when, a legal demand letter will land on the Principal’s desk. “CLIC identified a gap in its coverage and has moved quickly to plug that gap. We recognized the need to nip this in the bud now, as website ADA claims could have an even greater impact than today’s cyber challenge”.

Lawrence Shaw, AAAtraq CEO said “We’re delighted to extend our Pools Program to the members of CLIC. Members naturally expect their pool to alert and protect them from new and emerging risks –and CLIC has once again demonstrated leadership and foresight in this regard.”

As part of the program, pool members will be amongst the first to utilize AAAtraq’s latest innovation, Accessibility Content Manager (ACM™), that enables non-technical staff, and those with no accessibility subject matter expertise, to make significant improvements to their websites in minutes.

Shaw added “We’re not promising that the ACM will deliver 100% compliance, as so many vendors do, which is at best irresponsible; but the ACM will enable organizations to make significant improvements quickly and at a fraction of the cost.”

You can check your website’s ADA risk free at (opens in a new window). Results are immediate and understandable: Green = good - red = bad.

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Collective Liability Insurance Cooperative (CLIC) is a strong and stable member-driven insurance pool that utilizes risk sharing and excess insurance to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, school-specific Risk Management Program.

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Gallagher is a global business insurance, risk management and consulting services company offering clients and customers innovation and tenacity across 150 countries.

We use our 90 years of intelligence and insight to protect what matters most: your business. We form lifelong partnerships with our clients and underwriters which, when combined with our world class data and analytics, helps our customers face their futures with confidence.

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AAAtraq removes ADA risk with an InsurTech approach to ADA compliance. AAAtraq has partnered with Brit and Gallagher to design a unique insurance policy, exclusive to AAAtraq customers. Our Compliance Identification & Risk Management Program enables digital equality to become a reality. Our purpose is to remove today’s widescale, unnecessary risk and ensure inclusion is accessible to all. Despite efforts, and the $billions spent, 94% of online content is leaving organizations immediately exposed. With AAAtraq’s simple SaaS deployment – clients can demonstrate significant improvement in just one week.

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Michelle Hay

1Source: Bureau of Internet Accessibility (opens in a new window)