Priority actions – What are they and how to deal with them?

Oct 19 2022

AAAtraq’s Risk Control Service guides clients through a step-by-step process to reduce the risk of ADA website litigation.

The steps take you through the star process, which in turn also increases your costs coverage insurance, these steps are shown under the ‘Steps to follow’ section in the AAAtraq dashboard. However, there are another set of steps within AAAtraq, these are known as ‘Priority actions’, so what are they and why are we asking for the information?

Priority actions is a new capabilities, that is being introduced into the AAAtraq system, displayed under ‘Priority actions’ section of the AAAtraq dashboard.

Screenshot of AAAtraq Dashboard (opens in a new window)

These actions are based on various events, for example changing regulation and laws; AAAtraq’s system intelligence picking up on things like a big drop in compliance on your home page; or it might just be that we need some additional information.

With Priority actions, AAAtraq send a notification via email asking you for additional information, as shown in this example below which is about overlays. By clicking on the link in the email, clients will be taken to their login page on AAAtraq and then once logged in, the detail of the specific Priority action.

Screenshot of AAAtraq Priority Action Email (opens in a new window)

In this example about overlays, we’re asking if you use an overlay on your website. We’re asking about this this as there's been a significant rise in the use of overlays and the litigation against those using such technologies. This in turn has made those who use them, more of a target.

When viewing the Priority action, you'll find details about what we're asking, with further details that you also might find useful. For this action, you just need to click on the relevant option and confirm. There is also the option to assign the action to somebody else to deal with. All you need to do is click the 'Assign' button, and enter their email address. They will then be notified that there is an action that you would like them to deal with.

Screenshot of AAAtraq Dashboard Showing The 'Are you using an overlay action?' (opens in a new window)

A short video which shows you how to deal with Priority actions can be viewed at (opens in a new window)

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