94% Of Websites Continue To Discriminate, Unnecessarily Risking Litigation Under The ADA

Mar 13 2023

New York, March 13, 2023 - Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is already costing billions, to the Higher Education sector in particular, yet evidence shows that current approaches are failing.

AAAtraq’s new Audit & Alert service launches next month, providing an instant, impartial assessment of client websites for ADA risk. Ten foundation clients will be offered 50% off a lifetime subscription of Audit & Alert and HE institutions are strongly encouraged to apply.

There is a myriad of technical reporting offerings already on the market that assess digital compliance in line with the ADA, but nothing, that comprehensively serves the people that are most likely to have to handle and pay out for litigation should it occur. Chief Financial Officers and General Counsels need to be provided with independent, unbiased clarity that they can immediately understand to assess their level of risk. When compliance slips down the agenda, or actions are only approved by vendors, spend is being wasted and serious vulnerabilities remain.

Despite five years of effort and best endeavours, 94% of websites1 continue to discriminate by failing to be ADA compliant. AAAtraq’s Audit & Alert ensures their clients have the information they need to make an informed decision on the effectiveness of their compliance expenditure.

“In the last 5 years both claims and spend have risen exponentially, with little or no change in compliance adherence” says Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq. “Until there is a risk-control-led approach, Universities and Colleges will continue to fail on this. As a CFO, or General Counsel - you cannot manage this risk until you can monitor it.”

AAAtraq are advising that any ‘compliance project’ that takes longer than three months is a waste of money. Shaw said, “All organizations have a societal need to be inclusive and a legal requirement not to discriminate. To stop discriminating online, ensure equal access for all and most importantly remove litigation risk. You need to be pro-active and not reactive.”

Based on many years of experience in the industry and as a private company that is averse to vendor influence, Shaw’s team have culminated everything they have learned to help organizations to meet the challenges around compliance and website accessibility.

To book a demonstration of AAAtraq’s Audit & Alert, understand more about the foundation offer or join the client program, interested organizations should email sales@AAAtraq.com

About AAAtraq

Multi award winning AAAtraq is the only organization to combine automated compliance auditing software with litigation support and cost coverage indemnity. There is no overnight fix to become compliant, we created the integrated ‘Digital Compliance Platform’. Our holistic, consistent approach to ensure compliance is; easier to understand, less disruptive to achieve, ongoing it is maintained at lower costs.

Our mission is to improve website accessibility for all, and we bring a unique approach of addressing the root cause of why compliance is failing.

Organizations of all types and sizes are vulnerable to unnecessary litigation. We want to protect those who are taking their accessibility responsibilities seriously, ensuring they are not distracted by lawsuits and unexpected costs while they are focusing their efforts on making their digital channels more accessible.

AAAtraq was founded in 2020. We have teamed up with partners with years of cost indemnity experience in the US, including 31 years of policy assessment and production, 27 years of managing compliance coverage products and 17 years of agent recruitment and related support.

We are fully independent, privately funded, and free from vendor influence. We treasure our independence as it means we can continue to provide auditing and assessment which is not compromised through conflicts of interest. We consider our independence to be critical in providing an accurate and unbiased snapshot of the level of risk of any given website at any given time.

Contact :
Michelle Hay
https://AAAtraq.com/ (opens in a new window)

  1. Percentage derived from consolidation of independent auditing, reports. WebAIM 1,000,000 pages, BIOA stats, Sitemorse® Gov & Sector rankings, eEssential (now level access and SiteImprove). 

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