How retailers can improve performance and uplift sales in just one week

May 05 2023

18th May 2023
1pm (BST) on Zoom

AAAtraq are pleased to host a live webinar to help retailers improve their online performance.

Hosted by Lawrence Shaw and Rob Andrews of AAAtraq, the webinar will give a deeper understanding of data tracking and analytics. It will also show how to quickly improve your performance and conversion as well as gain a competitive advantage over the opposition.

Join us on this webinar to discover:

  • How to improve your performance this week
  • What you can do this month to improve your competitive advantage
  • How to minimise lost opportunities and poor conversions moving forward

We will also reveal the results of the UK Retail 100 Data Value INDEX, where we will show who is leading the way in data accuracy and performance, and those who have more work to do.

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, Head of Marketing or Compliance Officer, this webinar will provide valuable insights to accelerate your organisations performance in a matter of days!

Register now (opens in a new window) to reserve your spot.

AAAtraq was founded by Lawrence Shaw in 2020. We are fully independent, privately funded and free from vendor influence. We treasure our independence as it means we can continue to provide unbiased auditing and assessment which isn’t compromised through conflicts of interest. We consider our independence to be critical in providing an accurate and unbiased snapshot of the level of performance of any given website at any given time.

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