Perhaps you are looking for a copy of a historic INDEX, a market report, or a broker paper on ADA? What we have, is listed below, please email to include any resources you have and would like us to include. As we link to a lot of third-party assets (we are therefore unable to revise them etc.), any compliance concerns about these assets should be directed to the originator.


To help improve understanding of the issue and its impact we have a range of videos linked below. We've also produced videos covering explanations of what we do and real world examples of the impact of litigation.

You can't fight this


Quite a lot has been written about ADA Risk. From understanding the root cause through to sector audits and INDEXs and what is a Risk Managed Approach.

Higher Ed. | Fall '22


There are a growing number of interviews, discussions, and debates about ADA. Topics covered include risks, coverage, what is compliance and who should be responsible.

FNO: InsureTech
Resource name Format Type Producer Open Share
Marsh Insights- Americans with Disabilities Act - Insurance Coverage Considerations PDF Whitepaper Marsh Insights
Why do we need a risk management approach to online accessibility? ARTICLE Information AAAtraq
In House Defense Quarterly: Fall 2020 PDF Whtitepaper DRI
The Critical Role of Web Accessibility in Health Information Access, Understanding, and Use PDF Article Ahima Foundation
You Can't Fight This YOUTUBE Video AAAtraq
Why 97% of ADA Legal Demands Are Settled YOUTUBE Video AAAtraq
Removing ADA Risk PDF Information AAAtraq
The Web & The Disabled User PDF Whitepaper AAAtraq
Together 'Strengthening Risk Management' YOUTUBE Video AAAtraq
What is an ADA Demand Letter? ARTICLE Information AAAtraq
Why fixing online accessibility is not just an IT or web problem ARTICLE Information AAAtraq
Why do we need a risk management approach to online accessibility? ARTICLE Information AAAtraq
Do laws relating to website and online accessibility affect my organization? ARTICLE Information AAAtraq
UNLOCKING THE VIRTUAL FRONT DOOR: An Examination of Federal Technology’s Accessibility for People with Disabilities, Older Adults and Veterans PDF Report U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging