AAAtraq announces the release of ADA Risk Audit, looking at Inclusivity of Top 100 Shopify websites

Mar 01 2022

[MARCH 1st, 2022 NEW YORK] The latest report by InsurTech company, AAAtraq (opens in a new window) on the Inclusivity of Top 100 Shopify websites (ADA Risk Audi)t has been released. The report reveals more than 9 out of 10 of the Top 100 Shopify websites are non-compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), leaving them exposed to the risk of litigation by serial plaintiffs.

Modern society is increasingly dependent on websites. In recent years, there has been considerable expansion in e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify. In such a well-established sector, organizations must start dealing with compliance with the law, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to ensure long term viability.

The ADA was enacted in 1990, with the intention of eliminating disability-based discrimination. Since its passage, billions of dollars have been spent to make public spaces more accessible to individuals with disabilities, you wouldn’t expect to find a building without a wheelchair ramp - they have to accommodate. The law doesn’t just stop at physical spaces, it extends to digital too, websites must adhere to regulations and accommodate people living with disabilities.

In terms of the ADA’s application to websites, there is generally a false sense of security with many organizations believing that they have matters in hand. However, as this risk audit clearly demonstrates, the percentage found to be vulnerable, and at risk, exceeds 90%. With this false sense of security, it is no wonder litigation is growing exponentially.

Despite the rapid growth of online commerce and digital workspace; organizations continue to neglect the fact that their website is likely to be their key asset. Unless organizations appreciate this and start to understand the regulatory and societal importance of inclusivity, website accessibility litigation will continue to escalate at alarming rates.

Executives need to have reporting that they can immediately understand, and resolutions should not be left entirely with the web team. An organization wide, 'holistic' approach, is required, grounded in basic risk management principals which should be applied to all key assets.

AAAtraq has analysed the Top 100 Shopify websites on their accessibility compliance to the ADA and has identified their risk position. The report has been created in collaboration with Stacey Turmel (opens in a new window) an attorney and digital accessibility expert with more than 25 years of regulatory compliance and business litigation experience.

“Website Accessibility is not going anywhere anytime soon and organizations continue to be easy targets for lawsuits. Quick fixes and ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions are not the answer and will put an organization at even greater risk. Get an expert accessibility audit and educate yourself. Know your risk. Know your options.”

This report is available for download at (opens in a new window)

The findings of the report highlight what level of compliance the sector is currently achieving and how exposed organizations are to the risk of litigation.

Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq commented “Organizations must start thinking about ADA compliance, not just to avoid the risk of litigation and the associated costs and disruption, but also to ensure they’re meeting their D&I commitments and not discriminating.”

Take 60 seconds to understand your own risk position - you can do it at (opens in a new window) (we don’t ask you to register or promise a report by email - results are immediately available and understandable. Green = good - red = bad).

Notes to Editor:

About Stacey Turmel

Stacey Turmel is an attorney with more than 25 years of regulatory compliance and business litigation experience, along with 5 years of higher-education compliance.

A rise in ADA website compliance lawsuits against businesses inspired Stacey to provide compliance consulting by leveraging her deep litigation background with robust digital accessibility expertise. Stacey directs a team of blind consultants to fully evaluate company websites and mobile apps for ADA compliance through the team’s unique user experience feedback and use of assistive technology.

Stacey regularly assists businesses and organizations as a website compliance legal consultant and trainer/facilitator through her success in developing and driving practical risk mitigation protocols and policies to minimize lawsuit risk.

About AAAtraq

Websites, like buildings, must adhere to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Despite efforts, the majority are discriminating – resulting in distracting, expensive litigation. Offering comprehensive protection; AAAtraq combines insurance, risk clarity and continuous mitigation at $99/month.

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