But I’ve been told we’re already compliant?

71% of organisations either don’t realise they have to deal with accessibility, or believe they are already compliant and have website accessibility in hand. Some have been told they are compliant by vendors or some accessibility solutions such as plugins, widgets and overlays. However, our audits show that 94% of websites are not compliant, even if they have been told otherwise!

71% of website owners believe their websites are compliant

Percentage of website owners who believe their websites to be compliant

94% of websites are non-compliant

Percentage of websites presently non-compliant

Lots of vendors and website designers tell organizations that their work is ADA compliant, but even their own websites often are not! Using the data of three trillion audits collected over 15 years, measuring against the WCAG compliance standards, AAAtraq provides the most detailed accessibility audit possible. Our audits have even found that some accessibility solutions’ websites are not compliant!

It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re ADA compliant

Just like builders should never sign off their own work, you should not rely on your vendors telling you this issue is in hand. It’s your organization’s responsibility to independently ensure your website is compliant.

This is only possible through a proactive approach, through a strategic and managed pathway to compliance. This avoids the usual practice of randomly targeting problems as they arise, which can be expensive and plagued by human limitations.

02 Jul 2022
Overall risk:
A compliance 98%
AA compliance 8%
PDF compliance 90%

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/ But I've been told we're already compliant?
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