Your Pathway to Compliance

In your initial audit, AAAtraq has established your current level of risk and set out a pathway for to start the journey towards compliance. We have calculated specific milestones and timescales, showing you what to do and when to do it, ensuring that you are confident in the process.

Below you can see your personalized pathway towards compliance, with a timeline of your journey starting from today. In just one hour within the first week of using the system, you will have gained your first star! The AAAtraq system’s stars display your progress, awarding you additional stars as you reach each milestone.

Your cost coverage also increases with each star, ensuring that you are fully protected from the risk of litigation. The best bit…... as soon as you sign up you are already eligible for $2,500 of cost coverage! As shown below, if you stay on track with your progress, you can be eligible for up to $50,000 in no time.

Your litigation cost coverage


Initial Subscription


As soon as you subscribe!


First Star


In as little as one hour!


Second Star


If you stay on track Aug 04 2022


Third Star Onwards


If you keep going Aug 19 2022

Bar chart with 6 bars of differing heights showing increacing confidence and control
Time required to action (hours)
Confidence & control (%)
Jul, 14
Aug, 04
Aug, 19
Sep, 20
Sep, 22
02 Jul 2022
Overall risk:
A compliance 98%
AA compliance 8%
PDF compliance 90%

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