How quickly can I have cost coverage?

As soon as you subscribe! AAAtraq’s aim is to guide you in ensuring your website is compliant with accessibility regulation. However, the predatory drive-by lawyers are always on the lookout for easy targets. For that reason, AAAtraq also provides you with up to $50,000 of cost coverage should you receive a claim.

In just a few clicks, and an hour of effort, you’ll have $10,000 of coverage!

Great news! As soon as you subscribe, you’re eligible for $2,500 of cost coverage. You’re just a few clicks away from subscribing and beginning your journey to compliance. Once you’ve signed up, by dedicating as little as one hour to AAAtraq, you’ll gain your first AAAtraq star and have $10,000 of coverage.

Your litigation cost coverage


Initial Subscription


As soon as you subscribe!


First Star


In as little as one hour!


Second Star


If you stay on track Aug 04 2022


Third Star Onwards


If you keep going Aug 19 2022

By understanding your current level of risk, you’ve already taken the first step. In just a couple more steps, you’ll not only be on your personalized pathway towards compliance, you’ll also be protected from the costs of drive by litigation. AAAtraq ensures that you can be confident that, while you make the necessary changes, you’re protected with cost coverage.

With the cost of one lawsuit equivalent to 50 years subscription the risk is not to sign-up!

02 Jul 2022
Overall risk:
A compliance 98%
AA compliance 8%
PDF compliance 90%

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