I want to subscribe – what’s included?

We’re delighted you’re interested in subscribing to AAAtraq and demonstrating reasonable adjustment to digital accessibility compliance. With AAAtraq's combination of a guided pathway to compliance, constant accessibility compliance reporting, and our unique cost coverage, you can be confident that you have mitigated the risk of compliance litigation.

AAAtraq is an InsurTech solution for risk managers to identify and mitigate ADA website compliance risk. A Compliance Identification and Management Service, AAAtraq provides a strategic, principle-driven pathway to compliance without technical distractions. Our intelligence- driven automation enables organizations to understand, achieve and maintain compliance in less time and at lower cost.

Uncertainty is replaced with confidence, underpinned by legal support and $50,000 of litigation cost coverage. This allows subscribers to manage ongoing compliance faster and at lower cost, whilst benefitting from added legal protection that increases in line with adherence to compliance regulations.

circular diagram showing categories of litigation support, oversight of your digital supply, individual training & guided compliance, and compliance reporting

Digital supply chain oversight

Organizations can mitigate risk from their digital supply chain by ensuring vendors are in line with accessibility commitments.


Individual training & guided compliance

Those on the front line may not understand the detail of compliance requirements. It’s your responsibility to ensure they do. AAAtraq intelligence is continually supporting, delivering personalized 1-2-1 training and monitoring improvements.

line chart

Compliance reporting

By understanding their level of compliance and reporting against key metrics, organizations continually know where they are and what level of risk they face.


Litigation support and costs coverage

Accessibility-related litigation is rife and existing insurance fails to address this risk sufficiently. AAAtraq provides costs coverage that increases as you progress along your pathway to compliance. – the first service of its kind.

The AAAtraq Shield

Subscription to AAAtraq also includes the AAAtraq shield – a visual demonstration that you are taking accessibility seriously and have begun to demonstrate reasonable adjustment. It only appears to new visitors, showing your commitment to accessibility without impacting on user experience. It’s easy to add to your website, even for those that are not technical, and is 100% secure, with its own monitoring and anti-hacking system. This is the first line of defence against predatory lawyers and is a recognised sign that you are on the journey to compliance.

The AAA traq shield
02 Jul 2022
Overall risk:
A compliance 98%
AA compliance 8%
PDF compliance 90%

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