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Do universities even know the extent of their digital estate?

May 11 2023

Universities and other higher education institutions tend to have a large digital footprint, spread across different sites and channels that have grown over time. In many cases this represents a “sprawl” with uncontrolled growth of the website estate, lacking central governance and controls.

How retailers can improve performance and uplift sales in just one week

May 05 2023

18th May 2023
1pm (BST) on Zoom

AAAtraq are pleased to host a live webinar to help retailers improve their online performance.

The Value and Importance of Automation

May 04 2023

Sitemorse likes to keep in regular contact with their clients, and feedback is essential to them! From many of their recent conversations and, of course, the current economic climate, they’re very aware of the balancing act authorities are playing between budgets, with compliance. This isn’t just an issue in Government at a Local level; Central Government must also keep a watchful eye on budgets. Many authorities are keen to make the case to senior management about maintaining a dedicated web team and evidence the important role a good website can play in increasing efficiency, and how cost effective this is.

Why the CFO needs to own digital inclusivity

Apr 27 2023

A website must be accessible by law, and there are considerable financial risks associated with non-compliance. Every year more dollars are being spent on litigation, and the numbers are likely to keep on rising. At the same time, initiatives that are designed to drive compliance are simply not working. The situation is untenable in the longer term.

Why independent and understandable reporting is essential for tackling online accessibility

Apr 19 2023

Each year there is an alarming increase in the level of litigation relating to online accessibility. In 2022 there were 3,255 claims filed in the US (opens in a new window), a year-on-year rise of 12%. These are the just the results that are in the public domain – there are thousands more ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) demand letters that are settled out of court.

Why did we form AAAtraq?

Apr 12 2023

AAAtraq is the world’s first service to combine automated compliance software with litigation support and costs coverage indemnity, giving organizations the opportunity to effectively manage the risks around online accessibility compliance and the inevitable corresponding costs.

Despite billions spent, 94% of websites continue to discriminate against people living with disabilities

Apr 04 2023

Lack of executive ownership of the process of improving your website is at the heart of the problem

There is a societal need to be inclusive, and a legal requirement not to discriminate. Over the last five years, compliance spend and litigation have continued to rise, but with no discernible improvement in website accessibility compliance.

Cross Border digital compliance challenges

Mar 30 2023

In the digital age, businesses and organizations must take into account their cross-border responsibilities when it comes to digital compliance. This includes ensuring accessibility and privacy for all users, regardless of their location or nationality. With the increasing use of the internet and digital technologies, it is crucial that website owners and operators understand their responsibilities and take the necessary steps to comply with regulations in different jurisdictions. Failure to comply can result in legal and financial consequences, as well as damage to the reputation of the business or organization.

New York State Bill makes vendors and contractors liable for website accessibility

Mar 23 2023

The New York State Senate Bill S7572A, requiring contractors and vendors who supply websites and related services to the state to confirm that the sites and/or services meet website accessibility standards, became law on December 2, 2022 and will take effect on May 31, 2023. This bill has significant implications for contractors and vendors who work with the state, as well as for the state itself.

Digital Sprawl undermining ESG initiatives

Mar 21 2023

What is digital sprawl?

Post COVID, the number of digital assets including websites, web applications and online content has continued to grow rapidly. Digital sprawl refers to the proliferation of these digital assets which occurs within organizations without proper oversight and control of them, e.g., websites can be created for a variety of reasons such as personal projects, experimental initiatives and promotional events.

94% Of Websites Continue To Discriminate, Unnecessarily Risking Litigation Under The ADA

Mar 13 2023

New York, March 13, 2023 - Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is already costing billions, to the Higher Education sector in particular, yet evidence shows that current approaches are failing.